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Class Cancellations

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Cancellations for Friday, February 12, 2016

Mr. Martin Waffle
CIS105D – 10am
CIS110A – 11am
Mr. Peter Pasqualino
ECO180A – 9am
ECO180B – 11am
ECO180C – 1pm
Ms. Charlene Dybas
BTA134A – 9am
BTA244A – 10am
BUS151A – 11am
Ms. Sonnet Gravina
MAT040C – 10am
MAT140A – 11am
MAT128A – 1pm

Ms. Alexandra Henderson
BUS141A – 11am
Mr. Michael Youngs
ENG150A – 10AM
ENG104C – 11am
ENG104D – 1pm
ENG103D – 2pm
Mr. Steven Hymowech



Mr. Roger Young


Mr. Gilbert Ayuk


Ms. Barbara Luthi
ENG104B – 9am
PHI158A – 11am
ENG104F – 1pm


ELT236A – 8am


PHY151A – 10am
PHY171A – 10am
PHY152A – 11am
PHY172A – 11am


PED118XMA – 5pm