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Career & Transfers

Most students who attend a two-year institution have one of two academic goals. Students who are enrolled in an Applied Associate of Science (A.A.S.) degree program tend to have the goal of obtaining and developing a hands-on based skill set that gives them the tools they need to immediately go into the workforce. Students enrolled in Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) type degree programs typically have a goal of transferring on to a four-year institution to continue their education. The Career Services and Transfer Services area of the college is able to guide you through either the careers focused or the transfer based programs available at FM.

For students who are on the path to a career upon completion of their degree we have many tools and career counseling available to guide you through your journey. Throughout your time at FM you may want to try one of our Career Planning Courses, review our Career Search Links or meet with the Education and Career Planning specialist for a career counseling appointment. We also have plenty of Job Search Information available and tips on Writing a Cover Letter, Resume Writing including an easy to follow Resume Checklist. Once you land an interview we also offer Mock Interviews and Interviewing Techniques to share with you.

Other students may be on a path that will allow them to transfer on to a four- year institution. When it comes time to Choose a College it is important to schedule a College Visit and Interview at the institutions that you are interested in. The Transfer Process is one that takes a lot of thought and academic planning. FM has Transfer Tips, a Transfer Student Checklist as well as a list of Transfer Websites that can help you through your transfer journey. Although most four-year institutions in our area now offer online transfer equivalency databases to show you how your FM classes will transfer, FM does maintain many Transfer Agreements to help provide further guidance through the transfer process. Another thing to consider during the transfer process is whether you want to attend a private or a public institution. Information on Financial Aid for Transfer Students and Transfer Scholarships may help you in considering the cost of a public institution versus the costs at a private institution.