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Early Childhood Education (Certificate) – 0968


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Early Childhood Education (Certificate) – 0968

The Early Childhood Certificate Program is designed for students who want to learn the skills and develop the perspective needed for entry‐level positions at institutions and agencies serving young children and for in‐service personnel who want to upgrade their skills but do not want to undertake the academic courses required for the two‐year Associate in Applied Science degree. The program is flexible, so students may choose the courses and field experiences that are most appropriate to their interests and career goals.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Explore issues related to Early Childhood Education in historical and current events.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice and embrace an anti-bias curriculum.
3. Demonstrate ability to prepare and present lesson and unit plans, including using arts and literature across the curriculum.
4.  Apply theory to practice during two practicum/student teaching experiences.
5.  Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of creating a healthy and safe environment for children.