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Computer Networking AAS – 2331


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Computer Networking AAS – 2331

This curriculum is structured along the lines of career interests and job skills that are required by students who plan to enter the field of computer networking.

The course work emphasizes practical problem-solving skills, the use of computers, networking technology, and written and oral communication skills to achieve a well-rounded computer networking background.

FM graduates will have a solid foundation in route and switched networking, networked hardware, basic programming concepts, application software, and project management. They will be able to provide solutions using learned IT knowledge and interpersonal skills and will have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing IT industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1.  Utilize desktop and internet-based applications to perform advanced end-user tasks.
  2.  Understand and code basic programs and scripts.
  3.  Design, build, manage, troubleshoot, and support a route and switched network.
  4.  Configure, troubleshoot and support computers and devices in a networked environment.
  5.  Maintain professional growth, manage projects, and self-teach within a team environment with appropriate interpersonal skills.