General Automotive Services (Certificate) – 0926


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General Automotive Services (Certificate) – 0926

This one-year Automotive Mechanics Certificate Program is designed to provide students with concentrated skill training for immediate employment. However, all credits can also be applied toward an Associate’s degree.

Emphasis is on practical hands-on experience in all aspects of automotive mechanics, including engines, support systems, electrical systems, chassis, and power trains. Customer relations are also stressed. Modern electronic equipment is used in highly individualized laboratory projects. Advanced placement and credit for prior learning in school and on the job are possible. Students in this program are expected to provide their own safety footwear, tools kits, and other personal items appropriate for automotive laboratory classes.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the ability to document and explain customer service needs and work completed.
2. Demonstrate the ability to identify and apply automotive safety regulations, when performing automotive maintenance and repair.
3. Identify and list career opportunities in the automotive industry, including sales, service, and design of automobile, diesel, motorcycle, aircraft, and watercraft.
4.  Demonstrate skills and competencies in maintenance and repair for all automotive systems required for employment (and eventual preparation for the nationally recognized testing and certification organization, ASE, Automotive Society of Engineers).
5.  Identify and safely use automotive tools and diagnostic equipment.