Academic Advisement & Registration


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Academic Advisement & Registration

Academic Advisement & Registration – 736-FMCC x8140,  x8141 or 8142

Office Hours: Monday -Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm
Evening Advisement Hours: Monday – Thursday 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Student Development Center—N-107

Academic Placement Testing
Academic Advisement & Registration for New Students
Academic Advisement & Registration for Continuing Students
Referrals for Counseling & Community Services

Academic Advisement & Registration

An important aspect of a student’s education involves making informed decisions regarding the selection of an academic major and semester coursework. The College has maintained a high quality program of academic advisement and registration that offers individual advising appointments for new and continuing students. This personalized approach to advisement is an effective method for helping students acclimate to the College environment by providing an academic and career assessment to set academic goals, discuss program and course requirements, and address identified academic support needs.

Professional teaching and non-teaching faculty advisors have been cross-trained in all academic disciplines, which eliminates the need for designated advisors. Each semester, students schedule an appointment with an advisor of their choice to develop and/or update an academic plan, discuss their academic progress, review degree requirements, review transfer and/or career plans, make course selections, and make any necessary referrals for additional services. The registration process is completed in the advisor’s office.

Drop-in academic advisement services are also available prior to the designated advisement and registration period for new and continuing students. Advisors are on duty throughout each day of the semester to answer questions, discuss academic concerns, and provide additional advisement services related to career planning and transfer.

Evening Advisement – 736-FMCC x8163

An evening advisor is available Monday – Thursday from 4:00pm – 6:00pm throughout the Fall and Spring semesters and at designated times during the summer terms. The evening advisor provides full advising and registration services as well as transfer and career planning assistance.

Academic Placement Testing

FM wants to ensure that our students have the greatest opportunity for academic success in their educational programs. To assist students with achieving this goal, FM requires that all full and part time matriculated students take a placement test that measures reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics. The scores from the placement test are not used to determine college admission, but instead are used by academic advisors to make course placement recommendations in the areas of English and Mathematics. Transfer students may also be required to take a placement test.

For additional details concerning financial aid eligibility and ability-to-benefit regulations, please refer to the financial aid section of the catalogue.

Academic Advisement and Registration for New Students

  1. Admissions Office-complete an on-line admissions application at or stop by our Admissions Office in A-117 of the Administration Building. You can contact Admissions by phone at (518) 736-FMCC x8301.
  2. Stop by the Registrar, A-109, to update your student file and to submit immunization records.
  3. Stop by Bursar to pay a $40 tuition deposit.
  4. Contact the Student Development Center, N-107, to schedule an appointment for academic placement testing by calling (518) 736-FMCC x8140, 8141 or 8142.
  5. After placement testing is complete, schedule an advisement appointment in the Student Development Center, N-107. Please bring your tuition deposit receipt to your advisement appointment.

The advisement appointment will provide each student an opportunity to meet individually with a faculty advisor to review test scores, conduct an academic and career assessment, discuss program requirements, and to schedule classes. Students are given a copy of their scheduled classes immediately following their advisement appointment.

Academic Advisement and Registration for Continuing Students

Contact the Student Development Center to make an appointment with an academic advisor.

No deposit is required for continuing students but REMEMBER, PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT, YOU MUST:

1. Visit the FM web site (  Log in to “MY FM”.  If you do not have a log in or password, please go directly to the Registrar’s Office with your photo ID.

2.  Click on the “Self-Service” tab located in the upper right corner of  the screen.

3. Check Student Hold—To view student holds, click on the Grades tab, then click on “Unofficial Transcript”.  If you are on a hold or stop it will be displayed and tell you which office has placed you on hold.  If you are on hold you will be unable to register for classes.

Next, click on “My Profile”.

4.  In order to register for classes you must update the information on each tab.  Verify and change if necessary the following tabs: Addresses, Phone, Ethnicity and Race. Educational Objective is the last tab. This tab must be updated.

5.  Answer the question on the Educational Objective tab, once you answer the question print that page and bring a copy to your advisement appointment.

6.  Please arrive on time for your appointment.  Arriving late may result in the need to reschedule.

Stop by the Student Development Center, N-107 to pick up a Blank graduation checklist and copies of other academic resources to help you plan your classes.

After picking up a graduation checklist for your chosen academic major, access the master schedule and your grades on-line at If you have not accessed this service on-line, you can follow the directions on our website using a private email account. You can also obtain a transcript from the Registrar.

Access the web course schedule, and using the catalogue page printed on the back of each graduation checklist, begin planning your next semester’s class schedule.

Referrals for Counseling & Community Services

College students may experience personal challenges, problems, and crisis that require immediate attention. Under the direction of the Vice President of Student & Community Services, the Student Development Center’s Student Outreach Team provides students with personal assessment and on and off-campus referral services through an on-call system. The team is comprised of Student Development non-teaching professionals and a certified mental health counselor. The team’s membership includes professionals who bring to the team a variety of experience and expertise in academic, career, financial, and personal counseling and crisis management. Students in need of assessment and referral services should be referred to the Student Development Center.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call Mary-Jo Ferrauilo-Davis, the Director of Advisement, Counseling, and Testing, at (518) 736-FMCC x8160.