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FM Students Support “One Day Without Shoes”

Posted: April 11, 2014

Instructor Swain (far left) with students in his Essentials of Entrepreneurship class.

Instructor Swain (far left) with students in his Essentials of Entrepreneurship class.

In order to bring awareness to the lack of basic healthcare for children in other countries, Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s Entrepreneurship students and Business Club members, along with the campus’ Think Peace Club and The Civility Committee, will be raising money to support both the Amsterdam Family YMCA and Fulton County YMCA.

“The business students are trying to raise awareness for children’s healthcare issues across the world,” explains Accounting & Business Instructor Mark Swain. “The YMCA does such great things to support children and their families in promoting healthy living. The entrepreneurial business students also want to give back to the community in which they live and reflect the values of FM’s community spirit. Giving back and being socially responsible is something the students have studied through the TOMS business model and now they can see how it feels to put theory into practice.”

Swain explained that students in the Essentials of Entrepreneurship class have been reading about an entrepreneur who started the shoe company, TOMS. Through their research they have become inspired by a project that other colleges and universities have been participating in, called “One Day Without Shoes.”

“Our students would like to do something here on-campus to support the effort,” says Swain. “Last year there were over 1,000 events, 500 schools, 230 companies, in 50 countries participating in this program.”

On Tuesday, April 29, between the hours of 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., the students will conduct various activities to raise funds for this cause including a popcorn and cookie sale, foot painting and tattoos, and a raffle to win a free pair of TOMS shoes. Money raised will go directly to the two local YMCA charities in recognition of all they do to support children’s education and healthy lifestyles. At 12:45 p.m., everyone is invited to gather on the campus quad (weather permitting), barefoot, for a giant group photo.

“We are hoping it will be a campus wide event,” says Swain. “Our goal is to be united in a common cause and illustrate to all students that giving back and having a social responsibility is important.”

For further information on “One Day Without Shoes,” visit www.toms.com/onedaywithoutshoes.



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