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Food For Thought

Posted: August 28, 2013 — Alisa Mathis-Peterson

Welcome back students, faculty, staff, and the FM Community!  As we enter into the 2013-2014 academic year, we embrace the mission of making positive changes to our dining program.  We extend our arms out to build a strong partnership with the campus community.  Everyone here at Chartwells is committed to consistently delivering superior service in the most efficient way for the shared benefit of the students, faculty, our campus community, and our associates.

The knowledge of what goes into our program will allow you to appreciate the dedication and passion that goes into the preparation of every meal served.  Having the understanding of the nutritional value and providing our customers with detailed information will bring a new level of excitement to the dining program. For more detailed information please visit our website at www.dineoncampus.com/fmcc.

Beginning with the fall semester, new products and menu items will be introduced by way of “Samplings” and “Limited Time Offers” (LTO’s) which allows the entire FM community to be an integral part of deciding new menu items.  Our campus culinary team and management staff will acknowledge diversity on campus within the structure of our menus, special dining events, and communication with students, faculty and staff.

Chartwells has made a commitment to fostering sustainable business principles to the campus community.  We will lead by example through the activities that minimize our impact on the environment, with a primary focus on waste reduction.  The four key areas of focus are: Environment, Purchasing Initiatives, Chartwells in the Community, and Nutrition and Wellness.  You will find more details on our website.  Another focus very near and dear to our organization is Compass in the Community; this allows us the opportunity to go out into the local areas to offer support in ways such as stocking shelves at the Regional Food Bank, walking for a cause, and providing service to local shelters.  These are just a few of the many ways we look to partner with the community and extend our support.

Student employment is also a strong focus for us.  The scope of employment will be to develop a strong customer oriented staff based on the premise that the customer is our guest.  We will train all student associates in accordance to all company rules, regulations, policies and procedures, while developing their abilities to the fullest potential.  We hope that the student will take full advantage of the employment opportunities and utilize their experience to enhance employment opportunities after graduation.

We look forward to an exciting new year with new experiences, enhanced dining specials, a meal plan specifically designed for faculty and staff, along with the utilization of social media; this is not only our career but our commitment to please our customers in every way possible.  Here’s to a safe, exciting and challenging new year!  The public is welcome to come by and dine, and we encourage you to check out our website at dineoncampus.com/fmcc to find out what’s happening in dining services.

Alisa Mathis-Peterson is Chartwells Dining Services Director of Operations on FM’s Campus.



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