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Student Activities – Looking Back and Forward

Posted: May 16, 2013Audrey Egelston and Gwen Ossenkop

As we wave goodbye to our students and wish them a happy summer, we are left with silent reminders of good times had by all. The halls are empty now, but the mud spots in the Quad from the recent “Foam Dance Party” are just one of the many signs of a successful year in Student Activities.

2012-2013 was an incredible year to be at Fulton-Montgomery Community College. The expansion of student housing, renovation of the cafeteria, and the grand opening of Raiders Cove, has made our campus much more accommodating to the nearly 300 residential students living here.

This year, the campus has come alive at night due to the work of two Campus Activities Assistants, John Roth and Meghan Power, who work seven nights a week coordinating events on campus. The partnership between Student Activities and Residence Life helps to ensure there is always something fun for FM students to do, day and night.

On our way back from an end-of-the-semester hiking trip to Vrooman’s Nose in Middleburgh, the bus was filled with chatter as we took back roads through Montgomery County. The students, who were all New York City residents, loved hiking and spending the afternoon outside. “Now I understand why people live here,” said one student. “I love it here, I don’t want to graduate,” said another. These comments have been the resonating thoughts this semester in both Residence Life and Student Activities. Students admit to feeling comfortable with the campus and are becoming engaged outside of the classroom. An energized vibe is apparent now, when walking through FM’s College Union Building. Residential and commuter students are staying and returning to campus for the activities that are being planned. They are flooding the Student Activities office with ideas for programming and are excited about upcoming events.

“The key to successful programming is to make it as diverse as possible,” says Gwen Ossenkop, Student Activities Coordinator. “We have really tried to create activities for all populations here on campus.  We have had everything from western-themed carnivals to student/faculty involvement with the Harlem Rockets entertaining basketball game.”

This year FM has witnessed the creation of four new clubs on campus: The Freestyle Club where students perform improvisation, the Think Peace Club geared toward civility on campus, the OMEVO club designed to assist incoming freshman in feeling connected to the campus, and the Gardens and Trails Club whose main focus is the beautification of the campus.

With the constant collaboration between Residence Life and Student Activities, FM’s résumé of events is certain to grow! Looking forward to the fall semester, students are sure to enjoy all that 2013-2014 has to offer!

Audrey Egelston is Assistant Director of Residence Life and Gwen Ossenkop is Student Activities Coordinator.


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