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Employers Find Added Value in Customized Training

Posted: October 4, 2012 — Theresa DaBiere-Craig

 Well-trained employees are essential to the success of all organizations. Both new employee training and ongoing skill development enhance the performance of workers and keep them engaged in their work. Finding training services that fit the unique needs of an organization can be a challenge. Canned programs have limitations when it comes to addressing the specific workplace situations of each business. On-line programs may not support the personal attention that workers need to become proficient in certain skills.  Many companies are finding that they need to blend training approaches and resources to support the individual learning styles of their staff. The Center for Employer Services at FM offers training that is customized to the needs of each employer.

What is customized training? It is training that is tailored to the needs of each business and their workers. An important feature of customized training is the focus on how occupational and industry specific skills will be utilized in practical ways within the organization. It is effective because employees are more likely to embrace and retain new skills if they are learned in the context of what they encounter each day on the job.

In customized programs, employees have the opportunity to drill down on the skills needed for their specific role in the daily operations of the organization. FM is able to customize programs by sending a training representative to meet with employers to learn about their business, gain an understanding of their staff development needs, and explore the best way to achieve the desired training objectives.  We work with employers and employees to examine the specific skill sets they need and identify appropriate training methods.  This type of collaboration is vital to creating a customized plan that will incorporate both appropriate content and structured activities pertinent to each business.

The Center for Employer Services utilizes instructors who are well-versed in subjects that apply to today’s business operations and have relevant work experience. Most specialize in specific areas such as management, supervision, employee performance, customer service, sales, computer applications, industrial electrical maintenance, and other occupational skills. Instructors are selected for each training assignment based on their mastery of the subject, experience in the field and their ability to relate to the employees of that organization.  A combination of lecture, group discussions, and practical application activities produces the best results for workers who need to find training meaningful and want immediate help in their jobs.

Employees respond better to participating in training with their co-workers. There is a significant advantage to everyone hearing the same message. They can prepare for how the skills will be applied in their work areas and across the organization. Additional benefits of customized training are realized as employees build consensus and teamwork while they are developing skills.

FM schedules all programs at the convenience of the employer. Most training is delivered at the employers’ site, which saves travel and reduces the time that workers are away from their jobs. Training rooms are also available on FM’s main campus in Johnstown or at our instructional site at the Riverfront Center in Amsterdam.

Employers use training as an important tool to retain good workers. Since each worker brings their own strengths and weakness to the job, employers are moving away from “one size fits all training” to programs that meet the diverse needs of their business.  To explore how customized training can advance the staff development goals of your organization, contact Theresa DaBiere-Craig at (518) 424-9370 or Theresa.Craig@fmcc.suny.edu

Theresa DaBiere-Craig is the Outreach Representative for the Center for Employer Services at FM.

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