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The Internet: First Step in Your College Search, But Not Your Last

Posted: June 7, 2012 — Dan Fogarty

The Internet can be a powerful tool when searching for your dream college, but it should not be the only stop you make. In actuality, the Internet should be used as a starting point for your research to make sure the college has everything you need.

Step 1: The Internet Search. The Internet allows you to see five specific, critical attributes of the college: location, major, cost, student life, and residential life. I recommend creating a list of exactly what you need from your ideal college to include these attributes. Location: including distance from home, nearness to a city or recreational areas. Major: does this college have the program you are leaning toward? Cost: can you afford this school, is financial aid available? Student Life: is this a small, medium, or large college? What clubs, organizations, athletics and opportunities are available? Residential Life: what are the housing options and meals like; is there campus security? Listing your own needs is a great way to make sure you are choosing the right college that has everything necessary for you to not only be successful, but to have a great college experience as well.

Step 2: Visit Your Top Choices In Person. You have the ability to see what life is actually like by being on the campus. To help you figure out your serious possibilities, there are two important things you should do when visiting the college. The first is to immerse yourself into the campus. By this I mean be a part of everything that was on your list of importance. If you want to play sports, speak with the coach and visit the athletic fields and gymnasium. If you plan to live on campus, visit the dorms or housing units and eat the food in the main dining hall. After all, this could be where you are living for nearly eight months out of the year! Secondly, you should speak with an admissions counselor directly; it’s the best way to get all of your questions answered. It is also a great way to hear more about your major and the activities in which you hope to participate. Go into this meeting prepared with a set of questions already written down and you will be sure to have all of your concerns addressed.

The search for the right college can seem daunting, but with the Internet and personal visits you will be able to find the perfect fit. At FM, we have many ways to assist you in learning more about our college and the more than 40 programs we offer including our annual spring and fall open houses.

Speaking of the Internet, our website, www.fmcc.edu, is a wonderful place to start. Complete your search by scheduling an appointment to visit FM. Call our Admissions Office at 518-736-FMCC (3622), ext. 8301 to speak with an admissions counselor and take a campus tour. FM also has instant admission daily; all you need to do is bring in an official copy of your high school transcript or a copy of your GED to be accepted on the spot! To learn more about FM, visit our website then make your appointment with us today.

Dan Fogarty is an Admissions & Enrollment Management Assistant at FM

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