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FM’s New Home on the Web

Posted: June 22, 2011 — FM is pleased to announce the launch of the college’s new website—a key step in our continued efforts to evolve FM into the best institution it can be, for our students, parents, faculty, and community. FM continues to grow and change to suit the needs of a changing educational community; a more effective, easy-to-use website plays no small part in this push.

The new FM website has many new features we’ve included with all of our audiences in mind—not the least of which is a clean look and feel, offering a less cluttered homepage and an organized top menu that make everything our users need to find accessible.

Related to this new approach, we wanted to give each audience to visit FM’s site a specific homepage of their own—a landing place that prioritizes the information they are looking for. These include a page for each: students (current and future), parents, and faculty. Each page offers related links and event listings relevant to the audience and is linked directly from their homepage.

A fresh, dynamic News section offers complete access to items and newsletters, both old and new—archives newsletters will be available for download. To keep the FM community up to date on what’s happening around campus, we’ve created a new Events Calendar. Check in for various events from all departments, sporting events, and club meetings.

Our President has been instrumental in FM’s evolution and growth, and to spread the word from his desk, the new site features the President’s Blog—a place where he can share what’s happening at FM from his viewpoint, write about his thoughts on education, the community, and the economic development activities in the Fulton/Montgomery region.

For students, we’ve taken a new approach to how we present Course Descriptions. Rather than .pdf formats, we’ve broken out courses within their respective categories, making them easy to search and locate within the site.

We hope you find the site usable, informative, and to be a great reflection of FM as a growing, successful community college. We welcome any feedback you may have on our new site, which can be submitted by emailing Laura LaPorte at llaporte@fmcc.suny.edu.

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