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Feel like a mouse in a maze? TRiO has the map for you!

Posted: June 20, 2011

TRIO Student Support Services

What is TRiO?

TRiO Student Services logoTRiO is a federally funded program designed to assist qualified students to adjust to the college environment, to be successful academically, and to plan and prepare for fruitful careers or transfer to a four-year college.

What students can TRiO serve?

Students who are either first generation college students (neither parent hold a 4 year college degree), are income qualified or who have a physical/learning/mental disability qualify.  Two thirds of the students we serve at TRiO need to be both first generation college students and income qualified.

To learn more about TRiO programs visit The Department of Education Website.

What Services does TRiO offer?

  • Assessment of study and learning skills.
  • Tutoring Sevices in our TRiO Study Lab (L-213)
  • Personal development and counseling.
  • Career exploration.
  • Workshops on various topics.
  • Cultural events and trips.
  • Assistance with financial aid.
  • Transfer counseling.
  • Aid with academic advisement.
  • Use of TRiO computers.
  • Use of TRiO learning resources.
  • Campus visits for students considering transferring.
  • Grant Aid for Summer Courses (Pell Eligible Students Only).
  • Student Achievement Incentive Contests.

TRiO students can take advantage of tutoring services, assessment of study and learning skills, workshops for academic support, personal development and cultural enrichment. Students can also receive assistance with financial aid, transfer counseling and academic advisement as well as career exploration and guidance.

but…… FMCC already has many of those services available to all students.

How is TRiO different?

FMCC currently has in place many programs to assist students in the areas covered by TRiO. What makes TRiO unique is the ability of the counselors to do intense case management of the students accepted into the program. The TRiO grant can only serve 160 students. TRiO students will have the opportunity to develop a close relationship to their counselor. The people who need services the most are often, for whatever reason, reluctant to access these programs. TRiO staff will give these students a VIP Pass to those services.

How can I find out if I qualify for TRiO?

Simply contact the TRiO staff via email at trio@fmcc.suny.edu, by phone at 736-FMCC (3622) ext. 3609 or stop by our offices in the Student Development Center N107. Office hours are daily 8am to 4pm; other times by appointment. We will be happy to pre-qualify you, help you fill out your application and get you connected with the many services we offer.

Click here for a TRiO application

For even more information on the FMCC TRiO program visit our Website

Start your journey through college on the right path—contact TRiO today!

Jean A. Karutis, Director   736-FMCC (3622), ext. 3604

Kirsten Manzi, Counselor   736-FMCC (3622), ext. 3609

Gwendolyn Ossenkop, Coordinator   736-FMCC (3622),  ext. 3305


Shirl Doherty, Counselor 762-4651, ext. 5500

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